Do Anything You Wanna Do

Basic Enemy Behaviour – Unity.Ai Based Using the Unity.Ai package I implemented a common enemy behaviour pattern for  Spawn an enemy Player undetected, go to Spawn point, colour Green Player detected, chase player, colour Yellow Player is in the target range, stop, colour Red Being Unity.Ai based this involves MeshRenderer.material.color NavMeshAgent.SetDestination Physics.Raycast transform.LookAt Debug.DrawLine

Neat Neat Neat

Code Styling Code Style Requirements The requirements when stylizing code such as the C# used by unity are driven by Use Cases. Collaborating – Use a style and be consistent with your collaborators. Skim reading – Use a style that is quick to skim read. Detailed examination – Use a style that is pleasant when […]

One Way Or Another

Far-Reaching Early Decisions In The First Taste Of Reality, I identified key games aspects. I noted my current knowledge of these aspects from Unity Pathways and how I might want these to be progressed. Further research into the viability and potential overstretching, involves a deep dive into the Unity Documentation. There is a host of […]

I Can See Clearly Now

Litany Of Code You will not remember everything you have written. You will be embarrassed by some things you have written. What you write will be a trade-off of time, features, and quality. You will have to collaborate on code. Code doesn’t become code until it is a collaboration. You will not understand some things […]

Living In A Box

Prefab Mania ! Prefabs are the way to produce maintainable and reusable assets. However, I was a little keen on producing prefabs within prefabs too early in the development cycle. I could not find a way to undo some prefabs. The mistake was spotted early and the work was easy enough to repeat. So I […]

Complete Control

The Demo Dojo The list of development choices seems to grow with every sketch I do. On one side there is stick with what the Unity Pathways have taught you. The other is to change to a more personal implementation. The line between planning and procrastination is sometimes blurry. A simple solution is to create […]

No Surprises

The First Taste Of Reality Breaking out of Unity‘s learning Pathways it becomes apparent there is a huge wave of choices and compromises to be considered immediately. Movement – Known The Pathway examples have (so far) had a basic viewpoint. Movement – Unknown Is a rotate and move system a possible way forward? Camera – […]

Call Me

Naming the Project I collect ideas in a fragile nest. Some are destined to remain as eggs. Some are fledglings and will leave as soon as they are able. Some are just plain cuckoo. Nothing unifies the multiple choices of uncertainties, more than a good project name. I may have a good one for the […]

The Name Of The Game

Determine Scope Of The Game I know the game I would like to write about, but what game should I write? In his Podcast The False Dawn of the Electric Car, author Tim Harford references the concept of Adjacent Possible as described in the book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. by […]